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DIY: Home Décor

Paint can spruce up old frames

I love home décor but dislike the dent it puts in my wallet. I realized this very quickly when I went on a shopping trip and came out with nothing. From that moment I decided that my goal this summer was to use things I already owned, repurpose old furniture, and use cost-effective items to decorate. 

Since I am a very visual person I knew I had to see other pieces for me to attempt to make something on my own. Pinterest was a great place, but my favorite resources were the ones we have here at the library.

New vases with leftover paint and bottles

You'll find some books I recommend in a list below, but Zinio was a resource I used for magazines because the ones I wanted were checked out; it was instantaneous, no waiting! Some of my favorite inspirational magazines are HGTV Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens.

If you need any help using Zinio, check out the Using Zinio page, including instructions for iPhone and Kindle devices. Wish me luck with my latest project: reupholstering an old stool!

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