Did you know there’s another library in Des Plaines?

They’ll even give you a library card. It’s a special user card for non-students that allows you to check out three items at a time.  You’ll find both scholarly and popular materials in their collection, including DVDs. It’s a great place to do serious research or just have fun. Right next to the library, there’s an art museum that focuses on modern and contemporary art. An exhibit of African-American poster artists is currently on display.

And let’s not forget the college itself. They really do have something for everyone. Why not sign up for a course this summer? Believe it or not, the “spring” semester is already in progress. The Continuing Ed program has much to offer including language, gardening and tech classes. You can take credit courses as well or enroll in a full-time program. For those 55 and over, the Emeritus program has classes in the arts, humanities, science and more.

And you can see a play or attend a concert at the Performing Arts Center. Several events are scheduled in the next few months. Oakton is a great place to learn and enjoy the arts all year long.

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