4 Reasons to Checkout a Board Game at DPPL!

Board games are a multibillion dollar industry that is growing every year.  

So, DPPL is bringing the games to you with our circulating collection.  

That’s right, you can bring a board game home from the library to play with your family and friends.

Here are four reasons you need to check out a board game this summer:

1.  We've got a game for all skill levels and gaming preferences.

Dominion, Catan, and Puerto Rico.
We’ve included a couple classics, like Scrabble and Scattergories.

There’s also exciting games you may have never heard of, such as Catan, Dominion, and Power Grid.

These games are a little more grown up than Monopoly or Candy Land and require a more strategic approach. 

2.   Board games are accessible to everyone.  

If you’re intimidated by rulebooks, you can find demonstration videos on youtube. 

If English isn’t your first language, or you suffer from color blindness, there are games out there that are designed for you.

3.  Modern games can be expensive and hard to find. 

If you’re unsure about the price, try one of ours before you go shopping.

4.  Board games are about coming together at a table and sharing an experience.  

They’re perfect for teens or adults to get together and share an hour or two offline.  

While the game itself may be the focus of attention, the real object is to have a fun time with the people around you.

Our nine, new games are listed below.

 Feel free to stop by and pick one up, or DPPL patrons can place a hold for later.  

And if your favorite game isn’t on the list, let us know.

Happy gaming!

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