Giving or Receiving Tech Gifts? We Can Help

According to This Week in Consumer Electronics, smaller ticket items, not televisions, are expected to be most popular this season.

"Emerging technology" purchases are expected to increase 14%. While no one asks for "emerging technology", think drones, fitness devices, and smartwatches.

I really like the online gift guide from, and Consumer Reports also has a pretty great section for the gadget geek as well.

Checkout CNET's guide that lists fun electronics for under $50. Many of the top items are headphones and bluetooth speakers, and also devices to help you watch internet shows on your tv. There is an unbelievably low-cost Kindle Fire on the list. Please know that there are several versions of the Kindle Fire, but many of the library eServices, especially hoopla, work best with the more powerful but more expensive HD versions.  

Looking for tech for kids? The New York Times just wrote about some good ideas in the Personal Tech column, "Tech Toys to Inspire a Child's Imagination."  The library did some programs over the summer with LittleBits and they are on the list.

Speaking of the else do we fit in?

  • We have free electronic content for your devices.  eBooks, eMusic, eMagazines, eComics, eVideo. Look for the apps Overdrive, hoopla, Zinio, and Freegal and put your devices to good use without spending money. You just need your Des Plaines Library card and the eBooks & more page.
  • Call us (847-376-2841) to book a one-on-one librarian session to help you get started.
  • Use our online learning system Lynda which has all kinds of classes such as "Up and Running with Your Apple Watch" or "Using Your FitBit".
  • Grab a "how to" book from the 4th floor.
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