300 Word Tablet War: Android vs iPad vs Kindle Fire

I am lucky enough to have tried and learned these different tablets. Read on for a short 100-word guide on each type of tablet and begin to understand core differences between the iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire.

Apple iPads: Best for beginners
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The iPad excels at its everyday functions. The higher price tag is still reasonable considering the iPad’s great reliability and ease of use. It works seamlessly with Apple products for file sharing and screen sharing. Since iPads were the first tablets with an App Store, the selection and quality of apps are excellent. It may take new users some time to discover hidden features and shortcuts* to navigate their device. This straightforward device is defined by its robust apps and doesn't offer much customization beyond those. Although suitable for beginners, the reliability is a staple for more extended professional use.

*6 only-for-iPad gestures you need to know from Macworld

Android tablets: Best for tech savvy users

If going Android, consider a Samsung or Google Nexus. Beware of low-end or inexpensive devices which are often slow-working compromises.

Android has more versatility compared to other tablets. You don’t need to “unlock” or “jailbreak” it to see it’s full use. If you’re even a little tech savvy, you can enjoy the freedom it offers. Settings & widgets help you customize your experience more than other tablets. Androids have most of the great apps offered by Apple’s iPad, plus many more unique apps to add utility to your device. Their main selling point is found in the diversity and utility of Android's apps. A comparable device will cost a little more than a Kindle Fire but less than an iPad.

Kindle Fire and Fire HD: Best for entertainment

available on kindle fire

The Kindle Fire integrates well with Amazon products like the Fire TV or Prime Subscription. Kindle's "over-the-top" operating system makes it less friendly for customization. Amazon has its own app store which is much smaller by comparison.

Lack of strong compatibility with Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, or other cloud services make a Kindle Fire more suitable for entertainment instead of productivity. The $50 Fire may not run graphically advanced apps. Choose a Kindle Fire HD if you’re doing more than web surfing, basic video, shopping, and reading.

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Personally, I enjoy the Kindle Fire HDX 7. My small tablet provides we with a computing space dedicated to leisure, reading and entertainment. It grants me the opportunity to slow down. When needed, I’ll use a PC to check messages or be productive.

The winner of the tablet war is...... the user.

We all benefit from the variety of features, sizes and the continuously improving models. Everyday we're discovering novel ways to interact with tech; to create, plan, research and collaborate. Modern tech offers countless options for expression and exploration. Go forth and find what brings you joy.

Below is a list with some of my favorite apps for my tablet that are also available on Android and iPad’s iOS.

feedly icon


News catered to your specific taste, drawn from your favorite blogs and online sources. Boasts a delightful interface for reading, browsing headlines, and saving or sharing articles.

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Zinio for Libraries

The one stop shop for eMagazines. This app is great for tablets since they have more spacious displays than a phone. Find out how to get free magazines at icon


ESPN for people who love video games. Depending on the day or your mood, you may tune in and find new gameplay demos, reviews, gaming talk shows, or eSports. Available for free, Twitch video streams are made by gamers and for gamers.

hoopla icon

Hoopla Digital

In addition to movies, music, and audiobooks, Hoopla on your tablet is a great for downloadable comics. Free with a Des Plaines Library Card.

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