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Winter Out, Tune-up In

From the salt and grime of winter’s duration to the beating our windshield wipers take to improving heating and air-conditioning and more, Springtime is a perfect time to bring our vehicles up to standards which will most likely save you cha-ching down the road (no pun).

Here are some of the best tips I found you can follow this Spring season:

  • Salt that has stuck on your vehicle can do serious damage to the exterior and more so the undercarriage which can oxidize metal. Certain car washes have undercarriage sprayers so if you like to take your vehicle to a professional car wash business, choose one that includes such service. One could always do it themselves with a hose, but you may have to wait for a warm enough day to do that.

    Man repairing car

  • Some people rack up enough mileage over winter that an oil change may be in order, especially if you have an older vehicle. Newer vehicles tend to use synthetic oil which a.) Can wait longer for an oil change and b.) Can be used at any time of the year and is not a traditional season oil. It wouldn’t hurt to check the transmission oil as well.
  • Winter tends to overwork the brake system as snow puts us into defensive mode. Making sure that pads, discs, shoes and rotors are checked and taken cared for will certainly be worth your time especially if an emergency were to arise.
  • Vehicle batteries take a beating especially during extreme cold and heat. The electrons in the battery flow slower thus reducing the amount of energy the battery provides which leads to slow starting vehicles. Some automotive part stores may provide free battery checks and free charging.
  • Tires are one of the most essential parts of vehicle maintenance. Winter may have led you to hit that unexpected pothole, skid/slide unexpectedly and overall experience tread wear. Cold air lowers air pressure, which contributes to less gas mileage and harder work for your vehicle. Check tires for cracks; tread wear, sidewall bruising and the age-old trick of checking for the top of Abe Lincoln's head using a penny.

While some or all of these tips may come as second nature to some of us, if you’re not sure where to begin or want to learn even more vehicle maintenance tips, the library has some very valuable resources and materials to help you take care of your family member:

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