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Stay Crafty With Creativebug

There are people who think that crafting is all about “the making”, and that if you are not making something all the time, you are not a crafter. I don’t think so. If you haven’t felt like picking up a craft project in a while, that’s okay. You’re still a crafter. To infuse your spirit with creative energy, let me introduce you to one of our online learning resources, Creativebug. 

What Is Creativebug, you may ask? It’s an online site with thousands of videos on various crafts, taught by artists, designers, and volunteers. New classes are introduced daily so you will never run out of ideas, no matter what your skill level is.

Why Creativebug, you may think? It’s more than just a crafting website; it is run by people like you and me who think that arts are to be shared. Anything we make (baking, beading, crocheting, decorating, painting, etc.) is a creation. All you need is the willingness to open yourself to the unending possibilities. Since classes never expire, you can pace yourself and learn at your convenience.

How does Creativebug work, you may wonder? Log in with your Des Plaines Library card.  Create a personal account and you’re good to go. Each member has their own personal profile, so you can choose your favorite crafts, and even ask for new classes on topics of your choice.

So, let’s stay crafty with Creativebug at DPPL.

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