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Remote Learning Support Packs, Internet Not Required

Remember the good old days when pediatricians recommended a two-hour limit to screen time?

When synchronized was used for swimming, and tardiness was caused by traffic, not by a misplaced password or broken link.

It is hard to believe that a year ago at this time things were so different.

Remote Learning Support Pack Preschool
With virtual learning, it's difficult to find a way to give your child a break from screen time while still revisiting skills worked on through the day.

The library’s new Remote Learning Support Pack is a way to recharge and reduce the amount of time spent on devices.

Each grade leveled pack contains practice books and flashcards aimed at specific skills which align with curriculum benchmarks.

The paper, pencils and wipe off markers give the user everything they need to give them a break from anything requiring a plug or batteries.

1st Grade Pack
One final click HERE takes you to the catalog where you can put the bag on hold.

Or contact youth services at or by calling (847)376-2839. 

Checkout the PreK through second-grade packs now. 

Keep an eye out for the third through fifth-grade packs coming out in January 2021.  

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