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Reliving your childhood, one DVD at a time

Sometimes being a parent is a mixed bag – it’s amazing to watch your kids as they grow, take on more responsibility and learn their way in the world, but there are times when that “growth” is accompanied by dragging feet and “Mom, can you [do X thing I am completely capable of doing myself]?”  

My understanding is 3rd grade is a big transition year – that it’s a normal struggle between wanting to be a big kid with more responsibility and wanting to still have the simplicity of being a little kid. 

Buddies enjoying the new Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show on Netflix

Buddies enjoying the new Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show on Netflix

And I get it – there are certainly times when I wish I had the simplicity of being a little kid myself! 

On those days when life is particularly frustrating for him, my husband and I have found that sharing our own childhood frustrations and challenges usually helps our son to keep perspective and see that whatever is troubling him at the moment won’t last forever.

That if we survived it, he can, too. 

It’s more fun, however, when we get to share the things we enjoyed as kids with our son. 

Toys that were big when we were kids have come back around (Sea Monkeys, Tinkertoys, and LEGOs of course!), allowing us to relive our childhood pleasures with him.

Classic cartoons are back, with the Peanuts and Mr. Peabody & Sherman movies, and Netflix has a new cartoon series of Mr. Peabody & Sherman that is a modern twist on a childhood favorite.

My husband and I were both in early elementary when Star Wars first came out – a little younger than our son is now – and in prepping to go see “The Force Awakens” in December, we of course watched the first 6 movies with him (in order of release, the only proper way to do it!) 

And he’s now at an age where we can share a lot of our other favorite movies with him – he’s broken out of the “only interested in animation” phase, and so we’re working through other “classics” from our childhood with him, and in the process, getting to revisit them ourselves. 

Check out some of these classics below (find them here at DPPL!) with your own kids if you’d like to relive your childhood. 

Do you have favorites I missed?

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