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Pint & Click: White Elephant Book Swap at the Tap House Grill

Talking about books and movies is, of course, our specialty here at the library. We even have a whole section of books especially intended for book clubs!

One trend that we love in the talking-about-pop-culture world is that of people taking their book clubs from their living rooms, and out into the community. More and more folks are holding book club meetups in coffeeshops, restaurants, and a personal favorite of many I know, bars.

pint and click
Meetups like this usually involve everyone reading a specific book or just picking a general topic, and then discussing that over a drink or some food. Think of it as hanging out with your friends, only instead of people you already know, you are meeting and chatting with people with a common interest.

You may have even heard of libraries getting in on this trend! Book clubs are definitely not just confined to the library or living room anymore.

Following this trend of discussion groups in bars, we're excited to be hosting our first meeting of Pint and Click, a new discussion group for folks interested in all that's new and interesting in pop culture.

Do you love talking about the latest and greatest in movies, books, and other pop culture phenomena? Want to meet other people who do, too? And enjoy a drink while you do?

Then you should come join our brand new social group, Pint and Click. Everyone 21+ is invited to the Tap House Grill in Metropolitan Square, just a short walk from the library, for our first meetup and White Elephant book swap on Wednesday, December 17 at 7pm.

What's a White Elephant book swap, you ask?  Here's how it works: You pick a book, one that you liked or found memorable and want to pass along (in new or slightly used condition, please). You wrap it up, and then swap with others who've all done the same thing.

What will you get? Who knows! That's the fun part. Take the book home, and see how it fits you. It's that easy. 

The best part about this book swap is that you'll get to socialize with similar folks who want to relax and have a drink, a bite to eat, and a great conversation about everything and anything that's going on in the entertainment and technology world. If you love culture, bars, and books, then this is the group for you. 

If you want to stay updated on this and future Pint and Click meetings, join our Meetup group

Seating at the Tap House Grill is limited, so if you are planning on going, please be sure to sign up here.

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