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Parenting Small Humans: There’s A Book for That

Stephanie Gelb, space librarian, reporting for duty.

Stephanie Gelb, space librarian, reporting for duty.

As DPPL's school liaison librarian, I have lots of tools to capture a child's attention. 

Outer space props, robots, a prize wheel, glow in the dark T-shirts and my blow-up astronaut costume all make getting the attention of a room full of children for fifteen minutes a piece of cake.

More difficult: corralling the attention of my own children.

I know that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding screen time for children under 18 months for developmental reasons. 

My response to a child screaming "mommy” 500 times in three minutes even more dangerous to their development. (kidding. not kidding.)

Siblings, 6 months and 3 years old, posing together in toy car.

Looks like a hug but actually trying to throw her baby brother out of the car.

That is why statistics and studies have never helped me get through the long days of parenting.

What HAS been helpful: parenting books.

From temper tantrums to sleepless nights, potty training to picky eating, there is literally a book (actually many books) to help.

Whether you skim them for what you need and throw away the rest, or read them cover to cover, these books are a great way to survive the day-in day -out travails of parenting small humans. 

Plus they often help you see that most scenarios involving a screaming child, when not yours, is pretty hystrical.

Below are a list of some I've found particularly helpful for advice, but mostly to laugh.

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