New Kid in Town. Tips for Des Plaines Newcomers.

It can be tough to be new.

You just moved to Des Plaines. You don't know anybody.

How do you find your way? Where do you go?

To the Des Plaines Public Library, of course.

The library? You bet.

Centrally located in downtown Des Plaines, the library is your "go to" place (1501 Ellinwood Street, just south of the railroad tracks).

Start researching your new town at the library's fourth-floor adult information desk.

Not surprisingly, newcomers' questions abound, including:

  • Does the park district have classes? Is there a list?
  • Is there an art group in town? What other types of clubs and organizations?
  • Where are the closest places to hike? To bike?
  • What organizations are there for my kids?
  • Where are the ethnic restaurants?
  • How many churches are here, and which types?
  • Do stores here carry my favorite brand of ice cream?


Let Reference staff help you with your research. As guides go, they cannot be beat. Moreover, they can provide information to take with you.

New city!
Stop by. Or, call 847-376-2841. Or, email:  ReferenceServicesDesk@dppl.

Many people--the famous and the not-so-famous--already know about the wealth of information at your public library.  When best-selling author John Grisham was growing up in the South, his family moved a lot. What was one of the first things he acquired in a new town? A public library card.

At the same time, the value of a public library can fly below the radar, unfortunately.  As part of my research for this post, I combed several online articles about how to deal with post-move newness. None suggested going to the public library. (For shame!)

Why didn't those writers realize what all is available today at a public library? In keeping with technological advances, each floor of the Des Plaines Public Library has an enormous amount to offer all ​ages. Come see. If you'd like a tour, just ask.

Also, new Des Plaines residents can get acquainted with their community by picking up a packet of information at Des Plaines City Hall, 1420 Miner Street, 6th floor, only blocks away from the library.

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