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Hygge???  What’s That?

Hygee, the Danish art of comfort is the latest craze. What is it, and how is it pronounced?

Home fires burning
First, what is it?

This is what I think this Danish import is. It is little like Feng Shui with its focus on harmony, but add the words cozy, comfort, and social conviviality.

But it also has a ‘mellow’ attitude. Think of mindfulness, being in the moment, ritualized everyday practices like candles, tea time, story time, and family Sunday dinners. Picture fireplaces, furry rugs, white fluffy throws.

Second, how do you pronounce it?

I think it sounds like ‘who gha’ but here are some other interpretations of the pronunciation.

And, finally why Hygge?

Maybe it is a reaction to too much tech, too much virtual and not enough real. Want to explore the world of Hygge.

Here are some of the many books being published about it.

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