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Help With Finding Good Service Providers!

Maybe you are looking for a good home inspector. And you’d like to go a little beyond typing ‘home inspectors’ in Google. Then try using your library card to sign-in to use Consumers Checkbook.

What’s Consumers’ Checkbook??

Not to be confused with Consumer Reports which rates products, Consumers’ Checkbook rates services. So, while Consumer Reports rates cars and appliances, Consumers’ Checkbook rates the services that fix cars and appliance and the stores that sell them. With your Des Plaines Library card you have access to both these sources.

What does Consumers’ Checkbook review?

It reviews a wide range of services, from home inspectors, martial arts instructors to piano tuners. Healthcare providers such as doctors, dentists and chiropractors and local retail stores are also reviewed.

Did you know that duct cleaning is unnecessary? I learned this by reading one of the advisory articles.

Why should you use Checkbook?

Because it is a nonprofit organization that does not receive money from any of the companies they review.

You can find Consumer Checkbook on the library’s Resource page for Consumer Information.

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