The Fourth Floor: Where Work and Entertainment Meet

The walk up the stairs at the Des Plaines library starts with the bustling first floor customer service area.

As you move up and land on the second floor there is a burst of color of the youth and children's materials.

Keep on going to the third floor and you are entering the adult world of make-believe, also known as fiction.

One more floor and you've arrived at the fourth floor. Non-fiction lives here. 

This is the place where you can get work done but entertainment abounds here too.

Travel writing, sports stories, celebrity biographies, true crime, politics, history, under the sea shipwrecks and treasure hunting are waiting for you.

the Non Fiction Hour
The fourth floor is the place for these captivating, and true stories. 

A new program is starting this month to engage and create a discussion around non-fiction.

We've named it the Non-Fiction Hour!

The Non-Fiction Hour is a time and place for you to share non-fiction book titles and other media like documentaries and podcasts.

If you participate in Goodreads, think of this as your live, in-person community forum.

Library staff will jumpstart the discussion each session with an overview of non-fiction qualities that make for a winning read.

We’ll share some of our favorite titles, too.

We would love to hear your ideas but participate as much or as little as you like. 

Our first session is Tuesday, October 25, 7-8pm.

Participants will be entered in to a drawing for a new fall book at this inaugural session. We’ll repeat the program on Thursday, November 3, 10:30 -11:30.

Tuesday, October 25 Registration The Non-Fiction Hour! - Des Plaines (

Thursday, November 3 Registration The Non-Fiction Hour! - Des Plaines (

Here's a list of non-fiction favorites to get started.

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