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How Do You Measure Up? Measuring by Animal

Animals provide lots of fun discussions about sounds and colors, but height is another way to look at animals too. 

This month at the Des Plaines Public Library, we are exploring the idea of measurement using animals.  Come check out our alcove area on the second floor, where we invite kids to mark how tall they are and compare their heights to actual sizes of animals and other kids. 

We have a baby giraffe, meerkat, and emperor penguin waiting for you! 

Comparing height to a giraffe

Am I taller than a baby giraffe NOW?!?

Just ask for a crayon from the youth desk to mark how tall you are!

And don’t forget your name!  

Hey, take it a step further!  Try tracing your entire body!

You can also see it through our Family Reading Night promotion, where we are handing out free goodie bags (limited supply) that encourage families to have fun exploring measurement in their own homes. 

Measurement can be taken in many ways, including . . .

  • Laying on the ground, and seeing how many toys tall you are.  Estimate before you start (I would venture to guess I am 1 Tiana doll, 3 Gamora action figures, 1 stuffed unicorn, and 6 Pop figures tall), and compare to see if you are right!
  • Taking out a measuring tape and seeing which stuffed animal you own is the tallest.  Widest.  Smallest.  Talk to children about the numbers on the tape and what they mean.
  • Putting the measuring tape on the ground and seeing how far you can jump.  Or throw.  
  • Baking is one way that I love to talk about measurements with my niece (which measuring cup is bigger, how many times could we use ½ cup to fill up a cup, etc.)

The possibilities are endless.  Just give any measuring tool to your kid and see what they want to do!

So, please stop by the youth desk on the 2nd floor to get your free bag of goodies starting now (while supplies last). 

Then, set aside some time on Family Reading Night, Thursday, November 16th, 2017, to have some fun. 

Open up the bag and start talking about comparing and contrasting heights and other measurable qualities. 

Even if you don’t get a bag, you can still participate! 

Check out books from our Family Reading Night display.  Grab an extra height chart from the alcove area!

Be sure to upload any fun photos using #dpplfamiliesread so we can see how everyone explores measurement in their own homes. 

Here are some books about size and measuring that can be found on our shelves!

Marta! Big & Small

Marta! Big & Small

by Jen Arena

Marta explores the concept of opposites by looking at animals.  This book is in English, with embedded Spanish words. 

This is the book we are giving away, but also is available for check out!

Actual Size

Actual Size

by Steve Jenkins

With fun foldouts, Jenkins lets kids interact with the size of animals, like comparing your hand to a gorilla's. 

You Are (Not) Small

You Are (Not) Small

by Anna Kang

Fun story that helps illustrate that comparing sizes can be tricky!

Biggest and Smallest

Biggest and Smallest

by Camilla de la Bédoyère

Another title, found in the nonfiction section, where kids can compare animals to one another in categories of height, weight, and length. 

What is Biggest?

What is Biggest?  A Book on Sizes

by Nick Rebman

Fun title that asks children, based on pictures, which objects are the biggest, longest, and widest. 

Measure It!

Measure It!

by Nadia Higgins

Great introduction to the tools and units of measurement. 

Measure It!

Measure It!  Fun With Length and Distance

by Rachel First

Part of a series introducing math concepts to the youngest readers.  This one focuses on length and the tools one can use to measure it. 

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