Do You Wanna Build a Snowglobe?

Saturday the 7th was our annual In For A Penny Holiday Gift Make N Take. It was a lot of fun, and thanks so much to everyone who came in for it!

But if you didn’t get to come, good news—this is a very easy and inexpensive craft to do at home.

Here’s how we did it, and what we learned along the way.

DIY Snowglobes

Mason jars
Water-resistant animals or tree miniatures
Epoxy or other waterproof glue
Liquid glycerin
Silver or white glitter (large flakes are better!)

Here’s a rundown of the cost to make 12 snowglobes:

Mason jars – 12 for $11.97 (from
Epoxy - $5.97 for 4 oz (from
Glitter - $5.49 for 7.5 oz (from Michael’s)
Glycerin - $6.35 for 8 oz (from
Christmas village trees and figures – prices vary by on average $50 for 24 items (from Michael’s)

Average cost per snowglobe: $6.65


1. Arrange your figures on the inside of the lid of the mason jar without gluing, and make sure your mason jar can still close tightly.
2. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, use a dab of Epoxy or waterproof glue to glue it down according to the glue’s instructions. Make sure to let the glue dry before step 5.
3. Fill your mason jar up to about the “shoulder” with water, and put in about 2-3 tbsp of liquid glycerin.
4. Add enough glitter to cover the bottom of the jar, and a little bit more.
5. Assemble the snowglobe by carefully placing the lid onto the jar and screwing it on tightly, then shake. Winter wonderland!

Here are a few tips we discovered during our crafting:

  • Be careful what trees you use! The blue-tinted trees turned the water blue. A neutral tree will keep your water clear. Plastic figures come out best.
  • Be liberal with the glycerin. It’s there to thicken the water and make the glitter fall more slowly, so make sure to add enough for it to look all dreamy and wintery.
  • Epoxy takes a long time to dry (we waited around 20-30 minutes), so make sure to leave yourself some time to make these.
  • Arranging the figures onto a dry mason jar lid and making sure the jar can close, and that you like how it looks, before gluing is very important. That Epoxy is permanent!
  • Don’t be alarmed if your glitter seems to clump up at the top at first. Just shake well!

Thanks to everyone who came to our crafting session. If you make any of these with our instructions, we’d love to see them!

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