Do You Like to Make People Happy?

Did you know the library delivers materials to folks in nursing homes, retirement facilities and rehab centers?

We even deliver to folks in their homes if they are unable to get to the library due to health or disability. Once a month they receive a bag of books, movies, and/or music.

We'll bring anything the library offers, all personally selected for them based on their tastes and preferences. It’s like Christmas comes every month.

In fact one of our recipients always says, “Here comes Santa Claus” when I bring them their monthly haul.

Many are clearly happy to have visitors and want us to stay for a chat or some tea. Some like to talk about what they’re reading or watching. Others just want us to drop off their books so they can start reading.

One patron we deliver to read the book Cuckoo’s Calling by J.  K. Rowling. Now whenever she calls in her requests she says, “This is the cuckoo calling!”

Since our outreach efforts have been growing, we are looking for volunteers to help with delivering library materials to those in need.

It is just two or three hours a few days each month and it brings joy to folks who don’t have access to what the rest of us do.

Candidates need to have a driver’s license and be able to use their own vehicle (which should be a car, although candidates with sleighs and reindeer will be considered). If you’d like to apply there is more information on our website including a volunteer application.

I bet helping make others happy will make you happy too.

And if you're a Des Plaines resident who would like library materials but you can't make it to the library, let us bring them to you.

You can sign up here or call 847.376.2809.

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