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Discover The Joy Of Magazines With Overdrive

It has recently become simpler to checkout and read digital magazines provided by the library. EMagazines are now powered by Overdrive, the service that provides ebooks and eaudiobooks. All you need is your Des Plaines library card and the Libby app for your phone or tablet. If you prefer, you can use your computer. In that case, just go to the Digital Library of Illinois at dlil.overdrive.com to get started.

Full digital copies, plus current and back issues are always available. If you typically indulge at the store for your news and celebrity magazines, consider the cost savings. You'll quickly experience the joy of magazines from the library.

The Week

The Week

Thousands of titles are available but if you are set on a few popular favorites, chances are they are included in the package. The Economist, US Weekly, Newsweek, Food Network, HGTV, The New YorkerStar, Chicago Magazine, Bon Appetit, Men's Health, Outside Magazine, National Geographic have all been long standing favorites with our past supplier RBdigital. 

In the Libby app or at dlil.overdrive.com, you can search for a specific title or browse by genre. The magazines checkout for two weeks, but you can always check them out again, right away -- no waiting. No limits either. Checkout as many magazines as you like. The checkout model is different in this respect from Overdrive ebooks and eaudio. Magazines do not count toward your checkout limit for ebooks and eaudiobooks either!

The New Yorker

Overdrive magazines are a new development as Overdrive purchased the service from RBdigital. The benefits of having all this great media under the Overdrive umbrella means ease of access.  Computer users will notice how easy it to take a snip of a page and save. Font size and formatting can be adjusted. Bookmarking exists along with word searching. 

Jump in today and discover the Joy of Magazines with your Des Plaines library card and Overdrive. 

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