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Celebrate Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month on Kanopy

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month falls in May, a time to recognize the Asian Americans and Pacific islanders in the United States who have enriched this country with their rich heritage and culture. 

Land where my roots are

Civilization, which goes back centuries, and culture defined by religion, language and architecture along with arts, make this magnificent land an array of colors where every day is a festival. This beautiful glimpse of unity in diversity can hardly be seen anywhere else in this world. Everything is different, and yet everyone is respected. I'm proud to say that this is where I come from.

It is about community and all about making do with what you have

The Des Plaines Public library has emphasized the importance of celebrating the diversity of our community through programs. It's hard for us to come together and celebrate this year in the midst of a pandemic. Still, we are not abandoning you. 

I have visited and learned a lot by travelling to many of these places. The rest, I am trying to understand/grasp through books & movies.

Let us learn as we celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage with Kanopy, a movie database which allows you to stream films with a DPPL library card. Kanopy offers more than 30,000 of the World’s best films. You can stream and watch 20 movies a month, and you can download Kanopy apps for your preferred viewing devices. It allows searches on specific topics and provides lists of educational, thought inspiring films highlighting a specific event or celebration.

I am including a list of films - award winning documentaries, thought provoking films and historical movies throwing light on the unique diversity, culture and achievements of this vibrant community. 

Moving forward as one community

Experience the films while celebrating the stories and histories of this lively group of people.

Questions? You can reach us by phone or by email.

Let’s look forward to the days ahead when we can celebrate together as a community again. Until then, enjoy the movies on Kanopy.

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