Bells and Whistles

From the Oxford English Dictionary, available to Des Plaines Library cardholders

Travel, family, and friends often fill this time of year with a surplus of merriment and socializing. When you eventually find those moments of refuge, don’t forget about the joy of curling up with a quality book, favorite movie, or dramatic audiobook.

As your destination for rich media experiences, the library is constantly improving to meet your needs.

These four new  library tools will help get you out of the hustle-bustle and return to your cozy home with ease.

Map it!
map screen 2

If you do find yourself browsing around the library, you can now grab your book and movie picks faster with StackMap: our library catalog’s latest feature. A blue button will appear if a title is available showing you where on the floor to find the item. Try it out today at or this search for “maps”.

Learn Your Library With Niche Academy

For those that don’t want to get an orientation from our amazing library staff: you can also learn the library with Niche Academy. These videos on the “Tutorials” sliding tab (on the right of your screen anywhere on will help you best utilize the electronic resources your library has to offer.

Flipster Magazines
Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover of Time magazine

A Des Plaines library card now grants you access to Time publication titles with no waiting. New magazine access includes:  Business Week, Cooking Light, Fine Cooking, InStyle, Money, People, Ranger Rick, Real Simple, Science News, Sports Illustrated, Time, Vanity Fair, and The Week. This is in addition to Zinio magazines, where you can find close to 70 more titles!

Google Maps Virtual Tour

If you’ve reached peak holiday “cheer” and have only came in to grab your on-hold items from the 1st floor pickup area, you’re missing out! We’ve undergone an extensive renovation, one you can now glimpse using Google Maps virtual tour feature. Check out the new Youth areas, the Forum, the teen Commons, and the Terrace below.

Youth Computer Lab

The Forum

The Commons

The Terrace

The Terrace is closed for the season. It will reopen during warmer weather, in 2017.

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