Are you get tired of seeing those messages that keep popping up, saying “you have read nine of your ten free articles this month?” And then the ads that take over your screen, telling you how you can subscribe?  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just read as many articles as you want, wherever you want, for free? Articles covering everything from world events, fashion and the arts from the newspaper that has been named “the paper of record?”

Well now you can. And it's really easy. If you’re in the library you have unlimited access while in the building, once you've registered. From home you just need to register to redeem 72 hours of free access. You’re basically getting a free subscription that you only need to renew every three days. And renewing is a snap if you save your username and password on your computer, phone or other device.

In addition to today’s news, you’ll also have access to the NYT archive from 1851-1922. Go to the bottom of the NYT homepage to “Tools & Services” and click on “Time Machine.” Try looking up one of your favorite historical events - you’ll see it in the newspaper as it originally appeared.

And whenever you login, you’ll also be able to get suggestions for articles you might like, based on what you’ve recently viewed under “Recommendations.”

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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