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DIY With DPPL: Ojibwe Dream Catcher

Hey, Kiddos! It's time for a new edition of DIY with DPPL!


This time, you'll learn how to make your very own Ojibwe Dream Catcher. Hang it over your bed to protect yourself from nightmares. It is believed that the beautiful dreams pass through the threads and slide down the feathers to reach the sleeper while the bad dreams are trapped in the web and then destroyed in the morning by daylight.

Starting on Saturday, November 18th, stop by the Youth Services desk on the second floor of DPPL to pick up a kit (while supplies last!), and then use the materials to do the project we show you step-by-step in the video.

Then use the materials to do the project we show you step-by-step in the video. (Grade 1 and up.)

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Celebrating Native American History with Your Family

Since 2009, November has been declared National Native American Heritage Month, underscoring the importance of appreciating the rich history, diverse cultures, and significant contributions of our country’s first inhabitants.

It is also a powerful reminder of their enduring presence and significant influence in today’s American society.  

There are countless ways Native Americans have profoundly shaped our current society. 

From agriculture to medicine as well our modern vocabulary, Native Americans have played a vital part in developing so much that we take for granted today. 

Native American Family

Their influence is woven deep into our everyday lives. 

Baby Bottles, infant formula, pain relievers, and even rubber are thanks to the innovation of Native Americans. 

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