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The Youth Services Team loves sharing books, audiobooks, and movies that we've enjoyed and we think kids and their parents will enjoy too.

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DIY With DPPL: Zines

Hey, Kiddos! It's time for DIY with DPPL!

A zine made with the DIY kit!
 This week, Ms. Becky will show you how to make a zine.

While supplies last, come to DPPL and pick up the materials you need to design and make your own zine using magazines and washi tape.

Then watch a step by step video on how to create a masterpiece from all the supplies!

Ages 5 and up.

Des Plaines Memory

March 2021 Newsletter

March 2021 DPM News
In the March edition of the Des Plaines Memory Newsletter, it's Spring(ish). And this years, as in years past, it's almost time to vote in Des Plaines.

Plus MORE new features on the Des Plaines Memory website; Des Plaines gets artsy; history-related Zoom events; and more!


Staff Picks

What YA Book should you read based on your D&D Class?

For my first Dungeons & Dragons campaign, I played a halfling wizard librarian who consistently carried at least 13 books in her pack.

Her most devastating moment in the campaign was when a magical scroll burst into flames in front of her eyes before she had the chance to fully read it.

In honor of her, and in honor of our upcoming virtual Teen D&D one-shot campaign hosted by Pastimes Comics where we cover a full story in just 2.5 hours (Grades 7-12 can sign up here!), I’ve put together a list of YA reads for all of the classic D&D classes.

Take a look and see if you agree or disagree with your recommended read!

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