Move & Groove

Move and Groove at Craig Manor Park

What do a brood of rogue cicadas, a bucket of sidewalk chalk and a group of kids dancing in the park have in common? 

Move & Groove with DPPL!

We started the 2024 season off on June 6 at Craig Manor Park promoting our Summer Reading Challenge theme, Bee One With Nature.

Librarian reads book outside.
Miss Stephanie and Miss Becky began the program by teaching everyone the words and dances moves to our SRC theme song. 

We all got our wiggles out by waving tree branches and giggling at our fun dance moves. 

We hope to start each Move & Groove off with this song and get it mastered by the end of summer!

Next, Miss Stephanie read the book Bee Dance by Rick Chrustowski.

Boy rides scooter at park.
This book which ties into our bee theme with vibrant illustrations and engaging information about the way honeybees use a waggle dance to signal to one another.

Then we did a few renditions of the Itsy Bitsy Spider, which was especially exciting because a few of our tiniest patrons knew it well and could follow along!

Our second book Wonder Walkers by Micah Archer was a lovely, contemplative companion to Bee Dance. 

The kids enjoyed getting right up close and personal with the gorgeous illustrations. 

The books encouraged the readers to contemplate questions about the world like whether dirt is a blanket for the earth and whether trees have bones.

We incorporated both books into the chalk course that we drew on the sidewalk that goes through Craig Manor Park. 

Girl and librarian on chalk course.

Drawings and simple instructions prompted the guests to do things like, "Wiggle like a worm" and "buzz like a bee." 

The course culminated with a big tree and a prompt for the kids to "plant their toes like the roots of a great big tree" and "spread their arms up high like leafy branches."

Our turnout to the event was great and we had fun chasing bubbles and grooving to the music together. 

Thanks to the Des Plaines Park District and everyone who came out and helped us share a beautiful summer day.

We hope to see you next time at Kiwanis Park on Thursday, June 20.

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