My Top Three Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

What’s a keyboard shortcut? It’s the pressing of a combination of keys in a specific order or simultaneously, that results in the performance of desired functions by the computer.  The benefit of using keyboard shortcuts is that they allow you to perform common tasks quickly and without using the mouse.

I want to share three favorite shortcuts I use daily. Many PC users know and use at least one or two keyboard shortcuts regularly and my first favorite is a commonly used set of shortcuts Control + C and Control + V. Also known as Copy/Paste.

Hint: You can find the control key on the bottom left hand side of the keyboard, marked Ctrl.

Ctrl +C, Ctrl + V   OR   Control Copy, Control Paste

These two shortcuts allow you to copy selected text or images from one document/location to another document/location. First, highlight the text, press and hold down the Ctrl key and then hit the C key. You have told the PC to copy the highlighted text. Second, place your cursor at the new location and press/hold Ctrl and then press V. Now you have pasted the text to the new location.

Ctrl + F   OR   Control Find on Page

This shortcut helps you find a keyword in a long document, file or web page. It is the best friend of the searcher. Let’s say we are searching for the word “medical” in the online version of the IRS 1040 Instruction booklet. It is over 100 pages. Simply press and hold the Ctrl key and then press the F key. When the search box opens, type medical and the first occasion of the word in the booklet is highlighted. Hit next and the next occurrence will highlight. This beats visually scanning 100 pages for the word ‘medical’.

Ctrl +/- OR Control Increase/Decrease Font Size

If you are on a webpage and you find the font size either too small or too large this shortcut is a boon. Press and hold the Ctrl key and then hit the – (minus) or the + (plus) key as many times as needed to decrease or increase the font size to your desire.

Hint: You don’t have to shift to engage to the + key, if you hold the Ctrl key down first, the computer knows you want + not =.

What’s your favorite shortcut? Please share by commenting.

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