Whether you own a small business or are employed by a local business, we can help you do your job better.

Get a business library card

A business library card unlocks the library's collections and resources for your company and employees. Not only will you benefit from our newspapers, magazines, and books, you can also use our online resources from home or your office.

To be eligible, your business has to be located in incorporated Des Plaines. The card will be good for three years.

Use our business resources

We have very powerful and useful online resources for business use. Most of these databases are easy to use, but please contact me if you need assistance or have any questions. Look for my picture to get in touch with me.

Here are just are a few ways you might find our online resources helpful:

Prospecting for New Customers

ReferenceUSA is a powerful tool for generating leads. Imagine this: you just sold your client's home and you want to let their neighbors know the great deal you got them. Use the customized search of the White Pages of ReferenceUSA, find the listing for the sold home and choose "show neighbors" from within .1 to 5 miles. Now you have a mailing list of possible new clients. 

Or, if you have a flooring business, you can find businesses with several zip codes that have square footage of 2,500–9,999 ft. Whether your prospective client is an individual or another business this database can help you create prospecting lists.

Not sure if we can help?

Just reach out to me and find out. You might be surprised by all the ways the library can deliver value to you and your business.

Download business eBooks and magazines

Sure, you'll find bestsellers and popular magazines in our downloadble collections of eBooks and magazines, but you can also get valuable business materials too.

Our collection of eBooks includes topics like business & careers, technology, and current events (and we won't tell if you download a few mysteries too). You even can get electronic copies of Bloomberg Businessweek and the Economist delivered to your mobile device.

Hold a meeting at the library

Because we're centrally located, the library is be a great place to hold a meeting. We have small meeting rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors. If you have a personal or business card, call ahead to reserve a room.

Rotary Business Room